"Sarsfield is short, though you wouldn’t notice at a distance. He has long, slim features and talks with well-articulated confidence. He’s thin, dresses in black, and wears a sinister smile. He looks like a poet."
— Mosaic Collective


Blogs We Like: Mowgli Omari

Collage art has produced some interesting (and many uninteresting) developments since metastasizing to Tumblr’s art community. Unskilled and beginner collage art has long been a source of tedium and redundancy, but the few artists who’ve really succeeded in creating novelty with the form have really, really nailed it. 21 year-old South London art student Mowgli Omari is one of these brilliant and inventive few.

Each of Omari’s collage series begins with related found images, sometimes from a single book, which he then manipulates in precise, geometrically sophisticated, and minimally ironic ways. His most recent work deviates further from collage, replacing found images with bold colored paper and a single, identity-defining depth effect (a fold, bend, ripple, etc.). It’s hugely promising work and a pleasure to follow as it evolves even further.